I’m Judy Lair, M.A., CCP

Leadership Development Facilitator

Most of the leaders I’ve worked with over the past 15 years are compassionate, dedicated, hard-working folks with a calling and passion to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Leaders are required to wear many hats: visionary, manager, conflict resolver, relationship builder, innovator, mentor, project and team leader, etc. Being in a leadership role requires a complex set of skills and insight into both people and task challenges.

There are so many competing priorities: caring for people well, successfully reaching program/ministry goals, keeping a healthy work/life balance, motivating others to come on-board, stretching resources to meet needs, etc. Learning how to balance strategic planning goals while still caring for people well is a complicated process. Evaluating whether you are doing it well is even more difficult. That’s where I come in.

As a Leadership Development Facilitator, I bring clarity into the process of growth. With my Love.Lead.Inspire! format, you will create a standard for loving others well, use insight to become a healthy, effective leader, and inspire others to make a difference by following your lead.

“We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are.” “The greatest mistake we make is living in constant fear that we will make one.” John C. Maxwell

“Leadership is the process of motivating, mobilizing, resourcing and directing people to passionately and strategically pursue a vision from God that a group jointly embraces.” George Barna

How Can I Be Better Prepared for Leadership? 

Traditional leadership training is like downloading a bunch of new software programs and trying to install and use them all at once. Internal combustion happens and shutdown occurs! Skills, models, and information are important. But you, the person, must first grow in order to utilize them effectively. Prepared leaders know they need to expand their mind-set to look at themselves, others, and their goals and challenges differently. I believe effective leadership development training comes out of personal development growth. When you change, you see things differently resulting in better insight and strategic planning.

Focusing solely on horizontal skill training is a behavioral approach to learning. You take a class on individual skills and then try to implement them on an as-needed basis in your daily life. The belief is leaders will build confidence and competence by accessing a variety of skills they’ve learned off-site. This learning approach works well with specific task based applications, but fails to take into account the complicated roles required of a leader. Preparing for leadership is not a one-time event. It’s a process where each layer needs time and practice to become relevant. This approach requires education, direction, guidance, and practice in real-world circumstances instead of solely in a classroom. As a Clinical Counselor & Certified Coach, I know long-term success is measured by internal mindset shifts rather than only on reaching external goals through short-term behavioral actions.

My Love.Lead.Inspire! format takes you through a process designed for maximum internal and external growth:

LOVE: Leadership is primarily about relationship and influencing others. I believe it’s important to understand how to love God, yourself, and others in a healthy, balance way in order to lead well. Everyone operates out of a set of beliefs about how things “should” happen. This becomes the lens through which we vision, prioritize, and evaluate programs and people. It’s important to critique the standards and definitions out of which we operate to see if they align with your mission statement and leadership goals. When you understand how to love well, everything else falls into place.

LEAD: There is a correlation between leadership and organizational success. Leadership is about influence—having a vision and inspiring others to join in by either coming on-board as a worker or investing in the vision in a practical way. Whether you lead a ministry, nonprofit advocacy, or a business, it’s important to see the impact your leadership has on the success of your organization by using a SWOT analysis. You will clarify and solidify your leadership calling, direction, and goals.

INSPIRE: My Love.Lead.Inspire format effectively moves you through the leadership development process by focusing on the root causes of barriers. Understanding yourself well provides insight into motivating and inspiring others to follow your lead. While each human being is a unique creation, you can use insight to address commonalities. This knowledge helps in motivating your team, pressing into fear, connecting with your target audience/ customers, effective communication, and resolving conflict.

As an expert in leadership development, I help clients become insightful, confident leaders who inspire others to join them in radically changing the world!

I’ve been training clients to lead well for 15 years.

Leaders are primarily influencers. Goals and tasks are part of the job, but it’s the role of the leader to create a vision, chart a course, bring their team on-board, and manage all the complex problems and barriers to get the job done. If you don’t develop insight and use out-of-the box strategic thinking strategies, your barriers will become monumental. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary explains Insight as the penetrating power to see into a situation and to recognize the inner nature of things. My years as a Clinical Counselor gives me an extensive understanding of relationships. As a Certified Coach, I combine that knowledge with strategic thinking skills to teach relationship building principles and growth skills in my Love.Lead.Inspire! format.

In her Harvard Business Review article, “Why Leadership Development Isn’t Developing Leaders,” Deborah Rowland says,

“Our primary method of developing leaders is antithetical to the type of leadership we need. The vast majority of leadership programs are set curricula delivered through classroom-taught, rationally based, individual-focused methods…Yet study after study, including my own, tells us the qualities that leaders in today’s world need are intuitive, dynamic, collaborative, and grounded in here-and-now emotional intelligence. The mismatch between leadership development as it exists and what leaders actually need is enormous and widening.”

My Love.Lead.Inspire! leadership development training process includes:

1) Interactive Involvement: Research proves we learn and retain more information when the emotional circuits in our brain are activated. I use real-world collaborative role-playing activities and hands-on assignments to enhance the learning process.

2) Systematic Response to Change: Leaders need to learn how to confidently navigate their team through the anxiety, uncertainty, and ambiguity which come with change. New projects and new challenges call for innovation and adaptation. Every adjustment requires the ability to be flexible and use complex strategic thinking skills to effectively lead your team.

3) Emotional Quotient Training: Developing the ability to cultivate internal self-awareness and insight into underlying root issues affecting your team so you can address the issues constructively. 

4) Expanding the Mind-Set: Learning to expand your perspective in order to see the bigger picture. We work on cognitive skills including flexibility, resilience, agility, innovation, and strategic thinking.

5) Relationship Building: Networking and collaboration require insight and people skills. We will learn effective relational skills and ways to interact collaboratively without defensiveness and inspire others to get on-board with your vision and plans.

An excellent leader sees the big picture, recognizes potential challenges and builds their team’s confidence in their ability to create a successful strategy everyone can achieve together. I’m dedicated to helping genuine, caring, insightful leaders create their own personal leadership style using customized strategies for them and their roles.

I offer four Love.Lead.Inspire! format programs:

Executive Leadership Development (individual coaching program)

Love.Lead.Inspire! Group (group coaching program)

VIP Focus Day (full or half day dedicated to one topic)

Event Speaking Opportunities (seminars, retreats, workshops, meetings, etc.)

Are you looking to :

  • Lead from confidence and insight?
  • Develop leadership strategies based on meaningful standards?
  • Become a mentor & leader others want to follow?
  • Learn to create healthy, balanced relationships?
  • Lead without guilt?

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