I’m Judy Lair, M.A., CCP

Leadership Development Strategist

Feeling unprepared for all the roles you’re expected to play as a leader? Visionary, manager, conflict resolver, relationship builder, innovator, mentor, project and team leader, etc. Being in a leadership role requires a complex set of skills and insight into both people and task challenges. And research shows you are not getting the training you need to be effective! IBM recently polled over 1,500 CEOs who identified their number one concern was how ill-equipped their organizations were to cope with growing complexities in the business environment. Organizations are becoming flatter requiring more collaborative leadership styles and people skills.

Whether you’ve been in a leadership role for 10 months or 10 years, your ability to be effective depends on your success in these areas. Traditional leadership training focuses on horizontal development, teaching new skills, abilities, and behaviors. It works well when a problem is clearly defined with a specific solution. But as top CEOs reported, our current and future business environments are constantly changing bringing uncertainty and ambiguity throwing leaders into uncharted territory. You need a different type of leadership development training!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by trying to adapt to constant change? Stressed by competing priorities? Frustrated by your team’s performance and lack of engagement? Do you recognize where you’re stuck in fixed thinking patterns limiting your ability to innovate? My Leading From Insight training program uniquely prepares you to confidently and strategically approach barriers from a wider viewpoint and deeper insight.

“The overriding theme of what I’ve been hearing from clients recently is that they’re a bit stunned–shocked, actually–at how the leadership-development programs they’d had in place were not able to meet the needs of their business as we’ve gone through these tremendously disruptive economic changes over the past few years.” Bill Pelster, Deloitte Consulting

“Organizations have grown skilled at developing individual leader competencies, but have mostly ignored the challenge of transforming their leader’s mind-set from one level to the next. Today’s horizontal development within a mind-set must give way to the vertical development of bigger minds.” John McGuire and Gary Rhodes, Center for Creative Leadership

How Can I Be Better Prepared for Leadership? 

Traditional leadership training is like downloading a bunch of new software programs and trying to install and use them all at once. Internal combustion happens and shutdown occurs! Skills, models, and information are important. But you, the person, must first grow in order to utilize them effectively. Prepared leaders know they need to expand their mind-set to look at themselves, others, and their goals and challenges differently. I believe effective leadership development training comes out of personal development growth. When you change, you see things differently.

Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Center for Creative Leadership and other respected industry leaders have called for radical change to leadership development training in order to better prepare leaders for current challenges. I’ve been working with my clients on these “new trends” for the past 15 years.

Rather than focusing solely on horizontal skill training, clients go through a format designed to create a flexible mind-set, develop insight into themselves and others, build strong collaboration networks, master people skills, and become an inspiration to their team. Preparing for leadership is not a one-time event. It’s a process where each layer needs time and practice to become relevant. This approach requires education, direction, guidance, and practice in real-world circumstances instead of solely in a classroom. The Center for Creative Leadership recently listed the following four areas as being essential to the preparation of today’s leaders.

  • Focus on Vertical Development: Expanding your mind-set to think differently allowing for increased innovation, flexibility, adaptability, and strategic thinking perspectives. This is a process-based approach where people progress through stages of higher levels of complex thinking scenarios.
  • Personal Development Ownership: Transferring ownership of the development process to the individual puts them in the driver’s seat — giving you the ability to take charge of your own growth. 
  • Instituting Collective Leadership: Companies are moving away from one person bearing the entire leadership burden to actively seeking to spread the leadership capacity throughout the organization via teams and networks. This can be a huge adjustment for all generations of leaders.
  • Experiential, Innovative, Personalized Training: A rapidly changing, complex business environment requires new approaches to leadership training in order to adequately prepare leaders to successfully adapt and flourish.

Does your leadership development training program prepare you in all these areas? Leading From Insight does! My proprietary process expands your ability to think outside the box, confidently approach change, and effectively collaborate with your team.


As an expert in leadership development, I help clients become insightful, inspiring leaders and effective problem-solvers.

I’ve been training clients to lead well for 15 years.

Leaders are primarily influencers. Goals and tasks are part of the job, but it’s the role of the leader to create a vision, chart a course, bring their team on-board, and manage all the complex problems and barriers to get the job done. If you don’t develop insight and use out-of-the box strategic thinking strategies, your barriers will become monumental. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary explains Insight as the penetrating power to see into a situation and to recognize the inner nature of things. My years as a Clinical Counselor gives me an extensive understanding of relationships. As a Certified Coach, I combine that knowledge with strategic thinking skills to teach relationship building principles and growth skills in my Leading From Insight format.

In her Harvard Business Review article, “Why Leadership Development Isn’t Developing Leaders,” Deborah Rowland says,

“Our primary method of developing leaders is antithetical to the type of leadership we need. The vast majority of leadership programs are set curricula delivered through classroom-taught, rationally based, individual-focused methods…Yet study after study, including my own, tells us the qualities that leaders in today’s world need are intuitive, dynamic, collaborative, and grounded in here-and-now emotional intelligence. The mismatch between leadership development as it exists and what leaders actually need is enormous and widening.”

My Leading From Insight leadership development training includes:

1) Interactive Involvement: Research proves we learn and retain more information when the emotional circuits in our brain are activated. I use real-world collaborative role-playing activities and hands-on assignments to enhance the learning process.

2) Systematic Response to Change: Leaders need to learn how to confidently navigate their team through the anxiety, uncertainty, and ambiguity which come with change. New projects and new challenges call for innovation and adaptation. Every adjustment requires the ability to be flexible and use complex strategic thinking skills to effectively lead your team.

3) Emotional Quotient Training: Developing the ability to cultivate internal self-awareness and insight into underlying root issues affecting your team so you can address the issues constructively. 

4) Expanding the Mind-Set: Learning to expand your perspective in order to see the bigger picture. We work on cognitive skills including flexibility, resilience, agility, innovation, and strategic thinking.

5) Relationship Building: Networking and collaboration require insight and people skills. We will learn effective relational skills and ways to interact collaboratively without defensiveness and inspire others to get on-board with your vision and plans.

An excellent leader sees the big picture, recognizes potential challenges and builds their team’s confidence in their ability to create a successful strategy everyone can achieve together. This definition applies to leaders in the workplace, but also in the community, within your faith/church, and parents leading at home. I’m dedicated to helping genuine, caring, insightful leaders create their own personal leadership style using customized strategies for them and their roles. I offer individual Personal Leadership Development coaching, Leading From Insight masterclass groups, and Corporate training programs & workshops. Contact me about speaking to your team or at your corporate event!

Are you looking to :

Utilize effective leadership strategies that really work?

Become a mentor & leader others want to follow?

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Lead from confidence and insight?