Feel like the world is conspiring against you? Are you convinced it’s going be a miserable day before your feet hit the floor? In reality, the world doesn’t make you miserable. You make yourself miserable. It’s our regular daily mental habits that create the mud puddle of misery. Fortunately, you can identify and change these mental habits that are making you unhappy.

Miserable Mental Habits:

  1. Making assumptions. Assumptions are future projections which usually end up kicking us in the butt. They destroy relationships and prevent you from taking action. Why assume you won’t get that great job? Go after it with everything you’ve got and prove it to yourself. Get all the information you need and do your best rather than assuming the worst.
  2. Seeking approval from others. No matter what you do, some people will think you’re a hero and others will think you’re a bum. A healthy adult makes choices and takes actions based on their own beliefs and values, not on what others think or how they will be viewed.
  3. Comparing yourself to others. There’s always someone with a nicer car, a more attractive spouse, a better body, or a bigger paycheck. Your only real comparison is the person in the mirror. Make a plan based on your goals, not on someone else’s journey.
  4. Procrastination. Time is the great equalizer. Everyone has 24 hours available each day. How you use that time determines your outcomes. If procrastination is your M.O., there may be some underlying contributing factors which need to be addressed.
  5. Indecisiveness. Indecisiveness is the ultimate form of procrastination. Choosing nothing is making a choice. It’s a choice to remain stuck and allow life to pass you by. Face your fears about being “wrong” or worries about feeling regret about your choices.
  6. Demanding perfection. When you’re a perfectionist, nothing is ever good enough. It’s the perfect recipe for misery. Give yourself plenty of ways to be happy, not just one. The need for perfection also creates indecisiveness and leads to procrastination. Critique why you need perfection and how you can build in margin.
  7. Underestimating yourself. After a negative outcome, it’s easy to believe you’re less capable than you really are. The natural result is to lower future expectations. When you expect less of yourself, you live a life that’s less than your potential. Focus on your past successes and remind yourself of how capable you can be. Learning to walk and talk are more challenging than anything else you’ll ever accomplish. The hard part is over.
  8. Beating yourself up. Mistakes are part of the game. Learn from them and apply the information you’ve gained.

There’s good news if you’re miserable. A few simple changes can positively affect your happiness and mental health. Determine how your mental habits are impacting your mood and success. Make the necessary changes and enjoy a higher level of happiness.

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