Being in a leadership role requires a complex set of skills and insight into both people and task challenges. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and leadership always brings both to the surface. I’ve been reading a bunch of articles this week explaining how you’re not getting the training you need to be effective! 

“According to the American Society of Training and Development, U.S. businesses spent more than $170 Billion dollars on leadership-based curriculum, with the majority of those dollars being spent on ‘Leadership Training.’ Here’s the thing — when it comes to leadership, the training industry has been broken for years. You don’t train leaders you develop them — a subtle yet important distinction lost on many. Leadership training is alive and well, but it should have died long, long ago.” Mike Myatt, Forbes article “The # 1 Reason Leadership Development Fails

Have you been to training classes or seminars when you learn acronyms and three-step processes but found them hard to apply when you needed the information? Traditional leadership training is like downloading a bunch of new software programs and trying to install and use them all at once. Internal combustion happens and shutdown occurs! Skills, models, and information are important. But you, the person, must first grow in order to utilize them effectively.

Prepared leaders know they need to expand their mind-set to look at themselves, others, and their goals and challenges differently. I believe effective leadership development training comes out of personal development growth. When you change, you see things differently. Take a look at the differences:

Training Development
Sticks to “best practices” and norms Maximizes potential
Focuses on techniques, curriculum, specific skills Focuses on people and customizing program to fit their needs
Looks at the present Prepares for the future
Transactional Transformative
Goal is maintaining status quo Goal is growth & innovation
Process is mechanical Process is interactive & intellectual
Teaches information about knowns Explores the unknowns


As an expert in leadership development, I help clients become insightful, inspiring leaders and effective problem-solvers. Developing insight provides innovative solutions to both task and people challenges. My Leading From Insight training program uniquely prepares you to confidently and strategically approach barriers from a wider viewpoint and deeper insight. Look at your leadership development goals and make sure your training program not only gives you knowledge but also develops you as a person.

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