Hi, I’m Judy!

I’m a 56 year old redhead who loves her life, her son, her faith, and her clients! I’ve always taken the scenic route through life. Born in Boise, Idaho, my family moved to Alberta, Canada for mom’s job, eventually moving to Pennsylvania for dad’s job where I graduated from Hershey High School. I’ve worked in education, banking, law firms, insurance companies, nonprofit organizations, ministries and was an adrenalin junkie emergency room intake interviewer. In 1999 I changed careers, graduating with a Master’s in Clinical Counseling and began my own very successful practice in Worthington, Ohio in 2003. I’ve added Certified Coach Practitioner, Life Coach, and Business Coach certifications.

From the moment I could talk, my favorite word was “Why?” Drove my mom crazy! Even as a preschooler, I’d see a problem and ask “why” until I understood the thinking and decisions surrounding the issue. As you can guess, my insights didn’t always win me a medal! Usually I just frustrated my mother, teacher, or employer when I pointed out the flaws in their logic. Yet those very intuitive, innate, complex strategic thinking skills are exactly what gives me the edge in equipping my clients to be successful. I’ve concentrated my coaching practice on leadership development because I truly want to equip leaders to enjoy their role and inspire their team to greatness. 


Judy Lair, M.A., CCP

Leadership Development Strategist

I’m excited and passionate about using my professional expertise and insight to help clients become insightful, inspiring leaders and effective problem-solvers. I’ve published four books, “From the Other Side of the Couch” and a Moving from Fear to Freedom Series: Stress & Worry, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (available on Amazon). I have also created continuing education seminars for counselors, facilitated training groups, and enjoyed a variety of speaking engagements including conferences, workshops, and guest spots on podcasts and radio programs.

Fun Facts

  • Avid Pittsburgh Steeler fan (got the Terrible Towel hanging proudly in my car!)
  • Loves color (red hair, blue lighthouse ankle tattoo, green car, yellow purse….)
  • Terrible joke teller—according to my 27 year old son
  • DVRs Food Network, HGTV, and History Channel
  • Finds truth, comfort, and wisdom in her relationship with God
  • Can sing harmony to any song any time any place—even when I don’t know all the words
  • StrengthsFinder top 5
  • Excited, passionate, energized by helping people grow and prosper