Leadership Masterclass Group Coaching

Masterclass Group Coaching

A Masterclass group is a collection of highly motivated individuals who share a passion for leading well. They’re looking for clear direction, genuine connection, intentionality of purpose, encouragement, challenge, and committed accountability. This is an excellent way to develop trust, connectedness, and vision within a team. As the group moves through my Love.Lead.Inspire! format together, each person has the opportunity to uncover their own root barriers and develop strategic, effective strategies customized specifically to their challenges and goals. Interactive class assignments create opportunities to foster understanding, respect, and cohesiveness between team members laying the groundwork for healthy, relational team dynamics resulting in a more effective, productive , successful organization.

If you’re inspired to become a confident, excellent leader, my Love.Lead.Inspire! group coaching program is for you!

I’m looking for clients who aren’t afraid to admit they’re stuck and feel like a leadership failure. You’ve probably gone to seminars, read books, had a mentor and still feel overwhelmed and guilty at your inability to reach goals and motivate people. “I don’t know what to do next!” Such an admission requires courage and vulnerability. Traditional leadership training programs focus on stuffing you full of knowledge about how to communicate, do conflict resolution, inspire your team, etc. But do you really remember any of the tools you learned in that 2 hour seminar when you actually need them? 

My Love.Lead.Inspire! format starts by teaching you how to own your personal values, develop an effective leadership style consistent with your personality, and recognize your weaknesses. Once you understand yourself and your impact on others, you will learn how to use these insights to effectively problem-solve team and organizational issues. Excellent leaders are committed to developing strong EQ (Emotional Quotient) and interpersonal skills. Organizations who value and implement relational leadership have a higher level of staff/team satisfaction resulting in better productivity and successful goal completion.

Utilizing relational leadership principles to problem-solve and troubleshoot organizational issues requires a solid understanding of how people are being affected and insightful ways to address those issues. This type of leadership requires a different type of training and development. Are you and your team up for the challenge? Ask yourselves these questions to find out:

  • Are you willing to look at yourself and your struggles from a different perspective?
  • Willing to challenge and critique your current beliefs and practices?
  • Receive constructive feedback on what’s really going on and how others experience you?
  • Committed to applying your new insights and implementing effective strategies? 

If so, then I’m committed to Your success!

At the end of this program you will be able to confidently face new and changing environments and opportunities and utilize insight to strategically maximize your problem-solving potential. This program gives you opportunities to practice using your insight with others and receive ideas and feedback helping you customize strategies for your life and leadership roles. Creating your own personal leadership strategy and developing strategies that actually work through a collaborative development process is a whole lot more fun and productive than sitting through another boring continuing education seminar!

Each Love.Lead.Inspire! masterclass group is structured to meet the unique challenges and needs for each organization. Contact me today to discuss how we can create a Masterclass specifically for you and your team!

Leadership Group Masterclass Available Components:

  • Group training meetings or calls focusing on each stage of the Love.Lead.Inspire! format.
  • Individual leadership laser coaching sessions to customize & target specific needs
  • Powerful, in-depth questions designed to promote discussion within small groups to uncover barriers and maximize success
  • Worksheets materials related to training topics and explaining how to apply insights to your leadership role
  • Assignments designed to accelerate development through group learning activities
  • Around the clock support & encouragement from me and group members in a private Love.Lead.Inspire! masterclass Facebook group

Benefits of Love.Lead.Inspire! Leadership Masterclass Groups:

  • Learn how to strategically approach complex, changing environments utilizing effective problem-solving skills
  • Expand your viewpoint to get context and insight as to what is going on and why it’s happening
  • Recognize recurrent negative themes and how they keep you from moving forward
  • Critique the beliefs & assumptions underlying your interpretations and thought processes
  • Evaluate your assumptions, expectations, and rules related to roles, goals, and processes
  • Develop a customized growth plan specifically addressing your roles and challenges
  • Individual support and group accountability as you practice implementing your strategies
  • Develop team cohesiveness and unity

Want to find out if a masterclass group coaching program can be helpful for you and your organization?

Schedule a free 20 minute Confident Leadership Session with me to find out if my Love.Lead.Inspire! group coaching program can help you reach your goals.

Personal Stories

During a very challenging season in the life of Allelous Church, I reached out to Judy for personal support and guidance. She continually uplifted my perspective and helped me to connect with God. Through it all she offered encouragement as well as wisdom. The challenging season that affected me personally was affecting my entire community. It felt as if we were weighed down by emotional baggage. It made it difficult for the members of the community to communicate effectively and tensions ran high. I asked Judy if she could lead us through some group sessions to help us lift the cloud. Ultimately we had four group sessions with Judy and I cannot speak highly enough about the results. Almost instantly, as a community, we began to actually hear each other and to process the troubling events that transpired. Judy’s wisdom and discerning ear drew out the underlying concerns that people were afraid to name and she led us to acknowledge and reflect upon them together. Communication increased, people felt heard, and we were able to agree upon a clear path forward as a church. I am so thankful for Judy and believe she has a special skillset to navigate emotionally and spiritually difficult terrain. If you find yourself or your community in such a situation I would highly recommend giving Judy a call.

Rich Tinapple

Pastor, Allelous Church

I started working with Judy about 18 months ago, during the senior year of my time at Ohio State. At that time, I was plagued by constant negative self-image, doubting healthy relationships, and struggling in my classes due to over-sleeping. I had been a student leader in Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) for several years, and because of the things mentioned above, I felt drained, uninspired to plan and attend events, and like a failure as a leader despite others looking up to me. I was so emotionally drained from the negativity in my life that I couldn’t love those around me, let alone myself. Judy helped me learn that my negative thoughts about myself and relationships are based in fear, not facts, and reminding me that God truly does love me as a Heavenly Father. She also encouraged me to take some time off from classes (yikes!) and step down from leadership in Cru, something that terrified me at the time. She was instrumental in helping me finish my undergrad degree through regular conversations with her exposing my fears as false, encouraging me to take up healthy habits and occasionally doing things that make me happy, giving me a framework to confidently make decisions, and the freedom to love myself and those around me.
Alex Moorhead

Ministry Group Leader, Campus Crusade for Christ

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