Leading From Insight

Leadership Masterclass Group Coaching

Leading From Insight Masterclass Group Coaching

A Masterclass group is a collection of highly motivated individuals who share a passion for leading well. They’re looking for clear direction, genuine connection, intentionality of purpose, encouragement, challenge, and committed accountability. As the group moves through my Leading From Insight format together, each person has the opportunity to uncover their own root barriers and develop strategic, effective strategies customized specifically to their challenges and goals.

If you’re ready to get to the root of what’s holding you back, my Leading From Insight program is for you!

I’m looking for clients who aren’t afraid to admit they’re stuck. They’ve tried every trick in the book to motivate their team and themselves. Change and transition bring fear. People issues are frustrating. “I don’t know what to do next!” Such an admission requires courage and vulnerability. Traditional leadership development training programs focus on stuffing knowledge inward. Leading From Insight starts on the inside and shows you how to use insight to more effectively problem-solve outward issues.

Are you willing to look at yourself and your struggles from a different perspective? Willing to challenge and critique your current beliefs and practices? Receive constructive feedback on what’s really going on and how others experience you? Committed to applying your new insights and implementing effective strategies? If so, then I am committed to your success. Participants in the Leading From Insight masterclass group commit to sharing their growth journey with each other as they learn and practice in this six month development process.

At the end of this program you will be able to confidently face new and changing environments and opportunities and utilize insight to strategically maximize your problem-solving potential. This program gives you opportunities to practice using your insight with others and receive ideas and feedback helping you customize strategies for your life and leadership roles. Creating your own personal leadership strategy and developing strategies that actually work through a collaborative development process is a whole lot more fun and productive than sitting through another boring continuing education seminar!

Leading From Insight is a six-month leadership group masterclass which offers:

  • Group training calls (60 minutes each twice a month; recorded)
  • 30 minute private leadership coaching session to customize & target your specific needs (1 per month)
  • Powerful questions teaching you to uncover your barriers and maximize success
  • Worksheets designed to teach you how to expand your complex, strategic thinking skills and apply the insights to your actual roles and circumstances
  • Assignments designed to accelerate development through group learning activities
  • Around the clock support & encouragement from me and group members in a private Leading From Insight Facebook group
BONUS #1  Personality, Temperament  & Strengths Assessments
BONUS #2  Negative Limiting Beliefs Training


Benefits of Leading From Insight Leadership Masterclass Groups:

Learn how to strategically approach complex, changing environments utilizing effective problem-solving skills

Expand your viewpoint to get context and insight as to what is going on and why it’s happening

Recognize recurrent negative themes and how they keep you from moving forward

Critique the beliefs & assumptions underlying your interpretations and thought processes

Evaluate your assumptions, expectations, and rules related to roles, goals, and processes

Develop a customized growth plan specifically addressing your roles and challenges

Individual support and group accountability as you practice implementing your strategies

Want to find out if Mastermind group coaching can be helpful for you?

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