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Leadership Training has Failed You!

“According to the American Society of Training and Development, U.S. businesses spent more than $170 Billion dollars on leadership-based curriculum, with the majority of those dollars being spent on ‘Leadership Training.’ Here’s the thing — when it comes to leadership, the training industry has been broken for years. You don’t train leaders you develop them — a subtle yet important distinction lost on many. Leadership training is alive and well, but it should have died long, long ago.” Mike Myatt, Forbes article “The # 1 Reason Leadership Development Fails”

You are responsible for an overwhelming list of tasks: learning how to adapt to changing priorities, fix broken systems, revise goals, and manage disgruntled team members. Like most leaders, you looked for training opportunities to master core skills and then attempted to apply them to that long list of tasks. How’d that work out for you? Were you able recall and apply the 3-step process for conflict resolution in the midst of a team melt-down? Have you seen progress in your ability to think outside the box or move past your comfort zone since you attended that EQ class?

I know you want to be the kind of leader who grows personally and professionally — and applies that learning in a way you’re more effective and successful. You’ve put a significant amount of time, effort, energy, and finances into books, seminars, training programs, etc. and you’re frustrated at yourself for being stuck. I’m going to let you in on the secret: STOP TRAINING — START DEVELOPING!



Sticks to “best practices” and norms Maximizes potential
Focuses on techniques, curriculum, specific skills Focuses on people and customizing program to fit their needs
Looks at the present Prepares for the future
Transactional Transformative
Goal is maintaining status quo Goal is growth & innovation
Process is mechanical Process is interactive & intellectual
Teaches information about knowns Explores the unknowns

 How Can Personal Insight Coaching Help You?

Folks who lead well not only accomplish goals, they have the ability to make a positive impact in the lives of those they lead. Those are the types of clients I love to inspire. They value more than just meeting deadlines and quotas. These genuine, insightful leaders understand they have a role in educating, training, and empowering those around them — they just don’t know how to make that happen. That’s where I come in. I’ve created a unique personal leadership development process focused on utilizing insight to effectively approach problem-solving from a wider viewpoint. Developing insight provides innovative solutions to both task and people challenges. 

If you want to:

  • See what’s really keeping you stuck from effectively collaborating with your team
  • Confidently approach change
  • Develop better problem-solving skills by expanding your complex thinking skills & flexible mind-set
  • Cultivate internal self-awareness and insight into others
  • Inspire others to follow your lead and grow into greatness

Then Leading From Insight Personal Coaching is for you!


Imagine having someone invested in your success, willing to be at your side, teaching, highlighting, encouraging! Someone who can see your blind spots and explain it in a way that hits home. As a private client, you get high-level one-on-one individual coaching access to me as we uncover your WHYs, co-create your HOW plan, then execute it together to get you the results you need. Personal Leadership Coaching clients receive VIP access to me, my insight, and my strategic planning strengths via phone coaching sessions and email support including:

  • Personal leadership development plan customized to your role, needs, passions, and personality style
  • Indepth coaching to pinpoint your barriers and actionable strategies based on those insights
  • Constructive feedback and supportive kick-starts to keep you on track and moving forward
  • Education, encouragement, and accountability as you move through the Leading From Insight leadership format
  • Developing an intimate knowledge of who you are, your passions, and your purpose
  • Access to an expert coach who is enthusiastically committed to your growth and success

Making significant changes in your life requires dedication and focus. Hiring a coach makes that process more efficient and productive. You will be motivated to make the changes you need in order to create the life and leadership opportunities you desire. I’m committed to setting you up for success. Read the client stories below, then schedule a free phone consult to see how coaching can make a difference for you.

Personal Stories


“After spending over a decade struggling with chronic illness and disease, I discovered true healing when I chose to overhaul my lifestyle, and as a result, gained tremendous passion for helping others claim the same results. Due to this passion, as well as my expertise in the field of holistic health, I believed I possessed everything required to launch a thriving business. However, upon launching, I quickly came to realize that growing a successful practice calls for more than just expertise and passion—it calls for tremendous confidence, self-understanding, belief, and persistence. I attribute my choice to work with Judy as the decision which saved my now thriving practice. Judy helped me lay the sturdy foundation I now rely on each and every day as I continue to turn my business dreams into a reality. Overall, coaching with Judy made sense because I knew I needed to trust in myself and what I offer first before asking others to trust my lead. Judy helped me achieve this by challenging me to think deeply about how I view myself, my innate qualities, character, and skills, and by teaching me how to use my uniqueness to grow a practice which flows naturally, playing to my personal strengths and story. Judy also helped me work through a list of action steps needed to move me from a place of wishing to run a profitable business to actually running one. Thank you, Judy!”

Sarah Morford,


“Working as a supervisor for a nonprofit agency is rewarding and overwhelming. The social workers I supervise and programs offered directly impact the community. I often feel stuck in the middle between what my staff needs to be effective and the overall agency goals as developed by management. Implementing change is slow. Employee morale declines and I find it hard to balance everything and everyone both at work and at home. I needed help broadening my perspective because I tend to focus on the small details and lose sight of the big picture. Coaching with Judy was extremely helpful. Her skillful questions helped me widen my view of my role and responsibilities so I didn’t feel so burdened.”

Brandy Brown