Love Like Jesus Part 1: Love the Lord Your God

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Every Christian leadership development program should have a course entitled, “How to Love Others Well.” As leaders, we’ve often got this false belief we should just “know” how to lead well because we care so much, had a great mentor,

have a meaningful vision, etc. But being in a leadership role requires a complex set of skills and insight into both people and task challenges. Evaluating whether you are doing it well is even more difficult. It’s not enough to have a compassionate heart to make a meaningful difference. This book focuses on understanding how Jesus interpreted and implemented the New Testament commandment to love his Heavenly Father. Understanding how Jesus lived out this instruction provides us with principles to apply in our lives. I will share observations of ways Jesus modeled loving God. Reflection questions give you an opportunity to uncover your beliefs and feelings about each observation. The challenge assignments lead you through the process of critiquing your style in comparison with Jesus’ model.


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