Love Like Jesus Part 2: Love Yourself

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Loving yourself is so much harder than it was intended to be. While most people agree they “should” give themselves grace and mercy, walking that out is unbelievably hard. Most of the fear comes from the enemy’s lies about going “too far” and becoming selfish, prideful, and arrogant. Finding the balance between being selfish and taking care of yourself is complicated.  Critiquing your definition of loving yourself is imperative if you want to love others well. We are made to give to others out of the overflow we receive. Matthew 22 makes it clear we cannot love others in a godly, healthy way if we don’t first apply that principle to ourselves. 

This book focuses on understanding how Jesus interpreted and implemented the New Testament commandment to love himself well. Understanding how Jesus lived out this instruction provides us with principles to apply in our lives. I will share observations of how I see Jesus modeling this principle. Reflection questions give you an opportunity to uncover your beliefs and feelings about each observation. The challenge assignments lead you through the process of critiquing your style in comparison with Jesus’ model.


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